Dress to express: dress code loosening

Danae Suarez, Reporter

Can student self-expression coexist with more time learning?

Changes to the Perry Meridian dress code are attempting to do just that.

On their first day back, students were informed that they were now allowed to wear leggings, ripped jeans with no holes above the knee, and athletic shorts.

“Overall, the township was trying to align itself on both sides,” 2021 assistant principal Lucas Klipsch says. “The dress code was out of date. Some students couldn’t afford to buy jeans that weren’t ripped, and students were missing instructional time.” 

The changes have already begun to positively impact students’ daily lives. 

“I love the new dress code because it is easier to get ready in the morning, and I can be comfortable throughout the day,” senior Lillian Speedy says.

However, this new change also allows other benefits.      

 “In a way, the new dress code also helps students express themselves through the clothes that they wear,” says senior Maddie Keevers

These new rules are beneficial staff and also allows students to be in class the entire time so they don’t have to miss out on learning.

“Personally I feel like these new changes add emphasis to the education of students and it can help the administration direct their attention to different matters,” spanish teacher Emily Burchfield