Lanyards adjusted for first-year troubles

Diana Pyle, Co Managing Editor

Last year, Perry introduced a new policy requiring all students to wear class-colored lanyards. The colors are chosen by each class’ assistant principal, and students keep the same colored lanyard each year. 

After one year with the policy, Perry administration hopes this year’s adjustments will further protect students.

According to 2023 assistant principal  Zachary Ervin, the  purpose of the lanyards is to quickly identify students and others. “It makes it easier from our [administration] standpoint to identify someone not wearing one, and to look into it,” he says.

Perhaps the most noticeable change this year is the new visitor pass stickers. When students forget their lanyards, they will now receive a visitor sticker, as opposed to the infamous  “orange lanyard of shame.” 

The stickers include a picture of the student  as well as his or her name. This change comes as a result of students ultimately not returning the lanyards, leading to security concerns.

“A lot of the time we would have to track a student down to get it back,” secretary Heather Dillman says.

In a world where we’re constantly reminded of our compromised security, Perry’s goal is to change as seen fit to protect students and staff.