Parking passes cause sophomore stress

Florence Chapell, Co Managing Editor

As the end of summer neared, it quickly became apparent that the amount of student parking spaces at PMHS would not be enough to account for the number  of students wanting to drive to school.

On July 16, 2019, seniors who came to the building on time, with a driver’s license and car, could request a parking pass in order to be allowed to park in the school’s parking lot.

Multiple seniors were greeted with a parking spot that numbered far beyond what they’d expected it to.

This increase in used parking spots leaves less room for sophomores who obtain their driver’s license later on in the year. 

“We have a surplus of passes to still sell,” 2021 assistant principal  Lucas Klipsch says. “But here in a few months, that problem will change to not having enough spots.” 

There are plans to add two new rows of parking spots in the back of the parking lot to accommodate this.