Anonymous prankster scatters babies across Perry

Florence Chapell, Managing Editor

Since the start of the year, an anonymous student has been scattering small, rubber babies throughout Perry’s halls. 

Although his or her identity is unknown, Instagram user @hiding_mini_babies_at_PMHS claims credit, posting multiple pictures of hidden babies.

The owner of the account is currently a freshman, the rooms with the largest concentration of babies match up with this claim rather well.

A substantial number of babies have been found in P.C.C, a class that freshmen are required to take, teacher Brenda Briggs’ room.  

“I think I have a student that is partially responsible for some of their mass distribution,” Briggs said.

Teacher Christine Dearth’s room has also been said to have a large amount of babies as well, prompting some to label the room a sort of “home” for the small toys.

[Quote from Bonnie, getting at some point, Diana is interviewing her, she wasn’t at school today. :(]

The babies seem to be catching on as a sort of phenomenon at PMHS, with multiple students allegedly joining in on the baby-hiding fun.

“I think I am the one who hides them the most,” the alleged baby-hider says. “But yes, other people have caught on and started hiding them.”

In response to the prank’s positive reception, the baby-hider plans to release more and more babies into PMHS. According to the instagram user, there are 1200 more babies on the way.

“I kind of did [this] because of the way people reacted to them,” the user claims. “It’s all about making other people laugh and have fun finding them.”