Kelsi Miller breaks weights records

Danae Suarez, Reporter

Since her freshman year, senior athlete Kelsi Miller has become involved in a variety of sports at Perry Meridian, participating in softball, track and cross country and serving as manager for both the wrestling and football teams. 

But it’s her work in the weight room that has sparked attention. 

Miller has been a part of the weights program all four years and is currently enrolled in Trends in Fitness. 

Recently, she managed to two records and is currently hoping to break a third. She has set a record for power clean and back squat.

Currently, her numbers are 350 pounds in back squats, 210 in power clean, and 185 in bench press, which makes her the strongest girl in the school. 

“One thing I believe will be difficult for me is to beat my own record,” Miller says. “To me, this is something that is unbelievable, but it’s still a big deal, and I really appreciate it when other people compliment me.”

Becoming involved in the weights program and in different sports have helped her meet people that support her and encourage her to try new things.

“Personally, I like to get involved in different sports and activities, “ Miller says. “You can really form a family-like bond.” 

The people she has become close to have noticed that she is not only a kind and productive person but also very determined. 

“I have known Kelsi for a long time, and she is a very determined person, whether it is in her school work or in managing the football or the wrestling team,” senior Madison Hernandez says.