Cross country runners advance to semi-state

Lucas Ferdinand-McDonald, Page Editor

“Pick it up. I’ve got to catch the guy in front of me.” 

Senior Oslwaldo Gil-Ceja’s inner monologue is in overdrive as he attempts to make his first semi-state appearance for cross-country. 

Gil-Ceja explains that  talking to himself is the way he gets through a race and improves himself over time.

On October 19th, Gil-Ceja and junior Andrew Haggerty both reached semi-state, with Gil-Ceja finishing 30th and Haggerty finishing 14th. 

Gil-Ceja feels like he “finally made it,” as he has spent the last four years training to advance this far into the post-season tournament. Before this year, he came  close but always came just short of his goal of success. Haggerty has made semi-state twice before, but he still wasn’t sure he would make it back this year.

Gil-Ceja wants to relish the moment, as all he is thinking about simply boils down to “running.” He gives thanks to his Haggerty for being his “running buddy” and acknowledges his coaches for always keeping him on track to improve his endurance and speed every practice.

From becoming “running buddies” to competing in semi-state, Gil-Ceja and Haggerty plan to run as far as they can together.