Girls soccer reflects on season growth

Jaelyn Reynolds , Page Editor

The girls’ soccer team started its 5-10 season in the weights room and at summer training, getting in on the boys’ practices as well. Their 5 wins, 3 more than the previous year, placed them third in the Mid-State Conference.

“I think it’s just constant pressure on the girls to play in the off season, to get them involved and to keep them passionate about the game,” says 

They also had some summer fun between workouts, planning pool parties, dinners and other hangouts for team building.

“That was kinda cool to see as a coach; the girls coming together and coming up with those ideas on their own,” girls’ soccer coach Emily Lahay says.

According the Lahay, the growth from last year was great, which she credits to their dedication and positivity.

“It wasn’t quite the season that we wanted, but it was an improvement on last season, so we were happy with that,” Lahay says. “There was more positivity this year, and we had a lot more fun.”

Sophomore player Emily McCleese attributes their success to their time spent on their relationships with each other.

“I think it’s because we’re not fighting all the time and we’re really close to each other,” McCleese says. “We’ve just been bonding a lot this year, I think we’re really focusing on the team aspect.”