Perry’s FEST from the eyes of the actors

Cameron O’Neill, FACTS Staff Reporter

September first, opening night of FEST. As the lights of the first play fade out, the dressed actors impatiently wait for their play to begin. Murmurs of small talk and panic induced agitation quietly can be heard backstage as the lights for the next play come on. The main characters introduce themselves to the audience and as the sizable curtains roll open, Senior Delaney Moore shouts her first line “Brice, dinner!”  

FEST is a theatre production original to Perry Meridian High School and is one of the crowning jewels of the schools theatre program, with the most recent one this year being held on The first and third of September. It is a collection of four short plays written, acted and directed by students with minimal influence from teachers and staff. 

The actors joined FEST for a variety of reasons. Some learned about it during the school year, others knew about it before highschool. Some wanted to join because they saw ads and thought it sounded appealing, and others came because their friends and family told them about it.

“I remember when my sister was in highschool,” Delaney said. “She watched it and would go on about how good it was.” 

One of the biggest appeals of the program was that it would be a more casual working environment and more fun as it is entirely run by students.

“You’re with your peers,” sophomore Kai Wolsifer said. “And you know most of the people.” Kai reasoned that the casual environment is FEST’s biggest blessing and problem.

On one hand, the casual environment is more welcoming to students, but has the issue of people not taking it as seriously as larger theatre productions like musicals. 

“People would play with props and lose them all the time,” Kai said. Some of the plays had a mad dash before it began looking for missing props. Despite this, they still enjoyed the process as a whole, even with the stressful moments.

“Despite having a dark story, we had so much fun putting it together,” Delaney said. Rehearsals were something she said was the most fun as the stress of the actual show isn’t present.

Actors are the most populated segment of FEST compared to there being only four writers and directors. 

“It takes a lot to be a director,” Kai said. “You really have to dedicate yourself to it for a lengthy period of time.” Delaney had a similar opinion, saying that they find it less fun with so much responsibility on their shoulders. They are there to have fun first of all.

In the end. When FEST ended and the final bows took place. The actors took a sigh of relief. This year’s shows were a huge success. Looking back on the three week process, the students had no doubt that acting for their shows was a fantastic choice.

Some students may not think much about FEST or have any interest in showing it, but the actors of FEST stand by the belief that it would be worth it for anyone to join. 

“FEST is awesome,” Kai said. “I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!”