2018-2019 Staff

Payton Romans

Managing Editor

I am Payton Romans, and I am a co-managing editor for the FOCUS. The reason I hold this position is because of my drive to inform the thousands of students in this school. I have a deep appreciation for the readers of our pape...

Olivia Lighty

Managing Editor

Hi, my name is Olivia Lighty and I am 17-years-old and a senior at PMHS. I am the co-managing editor of the FOCUS and my job is to help design pages and edit stories. My favorite part about FOCUS is writing stories and interviewi...

Diana Pyle

Digital Editor

I'm Diana Pyle, I'm 17, and a junior. I am the Digital Editor for this website, as well as copy editor for the print FOCUS. I'm involved in Environmental Club, and theatre at PMHS. I'm a makeup enthusiast, who also enjoys photograp...

Ximena Alaniz

Page Editor

Hi, Im Ximena Alaniz I am a senior at Perry Meridian High School. I am the page editor for arts and entertainment. In addition to the FOCUS, I am the current president of the FAB Club. I am involved in best buddies along with both...

Lukas Sakalinskas

Page Editor

My name is Lukas Sakalinskas. I am a senior at Perry Meridian High School and I am 18 years old. I am the feature page editor and copy editor for the FOCUS, a member of the Environmental club, and a member of FWR. My interests...

Jaelyn Reynolds

Page Editor

My name is Jaelyn Reynolds and I am a junior. At school, I am involved in Anime Cultural Club and am an editor on the Focus staff. I am a cellist, though not with the school, and I also enjoy drawing and writing short stories. I wa...

Jess Hess

Page Editor

My name is Jess Hess, and I am a reporter for the FOCUS and a senior in high school. I enjoy entertaining the idea of becoming a movie director, particularly because of my love for TV shows. I have two dogs, Link and Brody. I ...

Annie Bambang

News Writer

Hi my name is Annie (pronounced like on-nee) Bambang and I am a senior this year. My favorite color is blue, I enjoy the idea of having a hedgehog, and my favorite subject is history. I definitely look forward to writing on the ...

Sonia Ventura-Mendoza

News Writer

Hi my name is Sonia Ventura-Mendoza. I’m a junior and I’m 16 years old. I am apart of the FOCUS and the empowering womans club. I love talking about my friends and family and my culture. Some of my favorite things are anyth...

Ariel Lucas

Arts & Entertainment Writer

Hi, I’m Ariel Lucas and i’m a sophomore at Perry Meridian High School. I love reading, drawing, and sleeping. I live with my parents and younger teenage brother who has the worst attitude in the world. I moved from Greenwo...

Jordyn Sloan

Arts & Entertainment Writer

My name is Jordyn Sloan and I am a senior in high school. I am currently the president of Creative Writing Club, in addition to being a FOCUS member. I love all things reading, writing, and creating. My favorite book is Of Mice and...

Sasha Sears

Feature Writer

Josh Reiter

Sports Writer

Hi, my name is Josh Reiter. I am a senior at Perry and I am 17 years old. I am on the sports section on the FOCUS. I am interested into fashion, sports, and history. My favorite sports teams are the Colts, Pacers, and Cardinal...

Kellen Smiley

Sports Writer

My names Kellen Smiley and I am one of the Sports writers for the FOCUS this year! Sports have always been a big part of my life and I am excited to bring my interest and knowledge of the topic to the team. Outside of Sports ...

Madison Pruitt

Sports Writer

Hiya! I’m Madison Pruitt and I’m a senior. I’ve played softball all my years at high school and I plan to do so again this year, along with being a sports reporter. I’m an AP art student and you may have seen a lot of ...

Florence Chapell

Opinion Writer

I’m Florence Chapell. I’m assigned to the opinion portion of the FOCUS. Occasionally an opinion piece with my name in the byline will come out. I enjoy writing, art, animation, and science. I enjoy a lot of things, actual...

Kate Rogers

Opinion Writer

My name is Kate and I am a firm believer that all dogs are good dogs. I’m seventeen and a senior in high school this year. Along with FOCUS, I am the concertmaster of Chamber Orchestra, love to make art, and like to take naps...

Taylor Biddle

Business Manager

My name is Taylor Biddle and I’m a senior this year. I’m the ads manager for the FOCUS. I am also a board member of World Languages Club. Outside of school, I’ll usually be found working at Ritter’s Frozen Custard. I’ve...

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