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  • School to resume on August 5th
Hi, my name is Bryan. This year I will be acting as Co-Managing Editor on the FOCUS staff; along with this responsibility, I will also be directing (along with the other managing editor) several expansions of the FOCUS for the 2020-2021 school year in a coöperative effort with the entire staff. I will mostly be the torch-bearer of the entertainment page, acting as quality control for what humor, satire, and cartoons will make it onto the section. Though I am a big fan of collegiate style clothing, my overall fashion falls between a mix of the quintessential East coast sophisticate and the 1960s Parisian protestor--with a few embellishments inspired by Wes Anderson and Tyler the Creator, of course. Fashion aside, this year will be an unprecedented reëngineering of the FOCUS, great change requires a visionary staff and there are no shortage of them this year. 

Bryan Aung, Co-Managing Editor

Jul 08, 2020
Falcon freshmen adjust to new high school norms (Story)