Single and unavailable

Lexie Julbert

Why am I single?

I’m single because I want happiness at this moment in my life. What makes me happy right now is focusing on myself and what I love to do.

I’m single because of time; there’s never enough. So why spend all of it with my “boo” when I can spend it bettering myself? It becomes so easy to fall behind on school work and a job when the focus is constantly on another person’s life.

Sophomore Sebastian Carnes plays soccer and basketball and doesn’t want to give up other important friendships for a significant other. “I don’t have to share my time,” he said. Junior Sang Nung says staying single is all about focusing his time on work outside and inside of school.

I am single because of school, too. Focusing on school is a top priority my senior year; I have life-changing decisions to make in the near future.

As a single senior, I can pick the best college for me without a sickening feeling worrying about my significant other. According to The Huffington Post, only two percent of “high school sweethearts” in North America end up married anyway. Making a major life decision based on a relationship would not be wise.

The Huffington Post says that flying through high school single is much more enjoyable. Nung plays soccer and likes to sing, both of which are stress relievers. He wants to keep it that way. And so do I. Stress is so easy to come by, so why would I go add more to my plate by trying to check up on someone else consistently?

Brandon Romans, a sophomore, doesn’t want to be worried about getting dumped and the emotional burden that comes with it.

Many students have come to school crying and in a bad mood. Some even post pictures captioned “crying in the club” after being rejected.

But why cry? If you’re an emotional wreck, that’s pretty normal for teenage hormones, but don’t waste tears on someone who isn’t worth time, effort and sacrifices.

And then there are the seemingly little things that I no longer have to sacrifice. EVERY time I watch Netflix I choose what I like — chick flicks and ghost adventurer shows.

So, for all of the students out there tweeting, “Why am I single?”

You are single because you are awesome.