Long Lasting Effect of Speech Class

Have you ever been called up to present an assignment in front of your classmates and you start getting nervous. You start sweating, even though you see those people on a daily basis? If so, take speech class, it will help you overcome all those feelings and become more confident when speaking in front of others. 

Benjamin Tatum has taught speech at PMHS for three years now and he has done an amazing job helping students better their communication and social skills. Having impromptu presentations that encourages students to go out of their comfort zone.

“My favorite thing about teaching speech would be the relationships that I develop with students and the relationships they develop with each other,” Tatum said. “The obvious growth from the start of the semester to the end where students start off being very nervous and end up as night and day.” 

Many students enjoy their time in speech because they are able to become comfortable speaking in front of others while doing it in a short amount of time. 

“Speech class was a big step up for me since I am an introverted person, and taking speech class really helped me branch out,” Peyton Pruitt said, “ We built a very strong community in that class, and following that class I was able to talk to more people confidently because I knew that the connection I built with the people in that class, I could also build that with others.” 

By taking speech students will not only gain knowledge but experience for their future careers as well. Being able to observe others and learn from them every day will help grow those skills. So, when it’s time to request your schedule make sure you take a look at speech class.