The Meaning of Valentines Day

Feb. 14, known as Valentine’s Day, wasn’t always celebrated the way it is today. In the U.S. and in many parts of the world people celebrate Valentine’s day by showing acts of love. In the U.S. going into Target or Walmart and seeing cards, chocolates and stuffed animals is when you know it’s that time of the year.

Valentine’s day has origins from Christian and Roman traditions. Saint Valentine was a Roman priest who would perform secret weddings for soldiers who were not able to marry. This captured the attention of people all over the world which is why he is affiliated with love and romance. He even wears a ring with a Cupid on it to symbolize his relation with love.

Throughout time the meaning of Valentine’s Day has changed and it is now seen as a holiday to celebrate new and old love.

Many people feel like Valentine’s day shouldn’t be a holiday but when you have a significant other you learn to love the holiday. Having one day out of the whole year that is specifically made to shower your significant other or friends you love with love and affection. 

“Valentine’s day is a big holiday for me and my boyfriend, we usually have date nights so it won’t be very different,” Bella Brickley said. “I think the biggest show of affection are the cute small gifts such as flowers, chocolates and cards.”

The feeling of excitement to buy or make the perfect gift for that special someone. If you are ever worried about what to give your significant other, many people enjoy homemade gifts. Taking time out of your day to hand make a gift that shows your true feelings is what many people want. Handwritten love letters or receiving a bouquet of flowers made by your significant other, anything that shows the love and dedication they have for you.