Hidden Heroes

Some Americans were hit with an unprecedented amount of snow on Dec. 21, 2022. With some places being hit with more than six feet of snow, during these times it’s crucial that the community does its part to support those who aren’t fortunate enough to be warm and fed. Due to people’s generosity and leadership, we all can have the chance to make it through the winter months. 

During the storm in Buffalo, NY, a man by the name of Jay, saved the lives of over 10 people trapped in a blizzard. By breaking into a school, he was able to get people in the same situation as him, stuck, to safety for waiting out the storm. He left a note in the school stating that he was “sleeping in his truck [the night before] with two strangers just trying to not die” and made national headlines with this. His bravery created a ripple of people thinking about what someone without shelter, heat, and food was going through in the stormy cold. 

There are ways to be a hero without making headlines. 

In November, PMHS held a canned food drive. This was a class competition to bring in motivation and incentive to donate. Even if your class didn’t win the competition, there is another reason we did this. Our donations were and are the reason someone got to go to bed full.

Wheeler Mission is an Indianapolis homeless shelter. This storm they were in particular need for things like “New or gently used quilts and blankets, as well as warm coats, boots and undergarments for men, women and children….” according to Chief Development Officer, Hines

While homeless rates are on the decline in Indianapolis, continuing to not waver your kindness if you can donate is necessary. 

Ways to help:

  1. Give your time. Volunteer.
  2. Don’t give money directly to panhandlers. Offer clothes, packaged food, gift cards for food. This way your well intended gifts go towards supporting them, not things like drugs or alcohol.   
  3. Give them directions and support them in getting to a shelter.
  4. Be aware of reasons people are homeless. Mental illness and factors that were in the home like violence and abuse could cause someone to act in an unexpected way. Interact with people in public settings where you are visible to others.