TikTok leaves students hooked

Danae Suarez

Over the past year, the social media app, TikTok, has become wildly popular amongst teens. Worldwide, TikTok claims approximately 500 million users. 

At Perry Meridian, the app has helped students bond over activities they enjoy outside of school. 

“I think the app has surprisingly brought the school together in a fun way to do funny dances and TikToks together,” senior Chloe Rodgers says. 

The app’s impact on the student body has been mostly positive, according to senior Grace Nash

“TikTok connects people the same age worldwide through similar experiences,”̈ she says. “In a way, the app is creating new pop culture references.”

The app allows people to create short videos so that they can express their humor. It has also created different trends and influenced the student body.

These different trends have impacted student behavior, fashion, and communication.

For instance, one popular fashion trend is the “VSCO girl” style, which is centered in looks featured on the popular VSCO photography app. The trend includes wearing scrunchies on the wrist, dressing in oversized t-shirts and carrying around a Hydro Flask. 

With users typically spending 52 minutes to five hours on TikTok, the app will continue to the behavior of the student body.