FLOTS builds confidence with fifth graders

Diana Pyle, Co Managing Editor

Each year; two groups of seniors accompany fifth graders from Douglas MacArthur and Rosa Parks Elementary Schools on a trip to either a week-long venture to Bradford Woods or a weekend trip to Flat Rock.

Falcon Leadership Opportunity Through Service, or FLOTS, teaches students how to become better community leaders, creating a positive impact on students.

Senior Alexis Ellis joined FLOTS because of her experience as a fifth grader at Douglas MacArthur.

“When I was a fifth grader the seniors were super nice, and I still remember their names to this day,” Ellis says. “I want to make an impact on the kids like my FLOTS did for me.”

Though seniors are there to help and act as camp counselors, FLOTS seniors also learn and grow themselves.

Senior Megan Hurst, however, did not attend Perry Townships schools but was interested in the program from hearing the experiences her friends had as fifth graders.

“It’s not about leading camp songs or telling people what to do in an enthusiastic way; It’s about the individual chain reaction that can occur by “leading” an individual.” Hurst says.

According to Ellis and Hurst, the relationships built between the seniors and fifth graders is mutually beneficial.

“The fifth graders are making friends that act as role models,” Ellis adds. “We’re gaining first-hand experience working with others.”