Kaitlyn Greer brings color to Perry halls

Lucas Ferdinand-McDonald, Page Editor

When senior Kaitlyn Greer found out she was nominated onto the homecoming court, she believed it was “an amazing opportunity I never knew I wanted.” She had never been on the court, and she was not expecting her nomination.

Senior year has already been a year of beginnings for Greer, who joined Creative Writing club as a design editor for the Lit Mag and helped create the psychology club with a group of her friends. Her aim is to make her senior year her greatest one yet at PMHS, and she’s already 

Kaitlyn recognizes how easy it was for her to get involved, even though it was not always that way.

“Freshman year, I wasn’t involved in much, but joining clubs and participating in school events has helped me make so many new friends and enjoy my time here,” Greer says.

Now, Greer has designed class t-shirts, created art for FEST, and last year her murals constructed an image of the iconic Sistine Chapel, which impressed among judges and students alike in the homecoming hallway competition. 

The class of 2020 utilized four murals painted by Greer in their hallway during homecoming week.

“I had two weeks to do them, and they took roughly 40 hours to complete,” Greer explained. Her hard work did not go unnoticed, as the class of 2020 once again pulled off a homecoming hallway victory, with 

With a special talent for art and a realized passion for PMHS, Kaitlyn Greer has gone above and beyond to create many works for the school. She challenges herself artistically and pushes herself personally to create pieces of work she is proud of.

Fellow senior Eli Carnes describes Kaitlyn’s work with one word: “Amazing.” That one word encapsulates Kaitlyn’s work ethic for Perry, and her ability to channel her passions into the school.