The ladies behind the scoops: ‘caring enough to be a lunch lady, crazy enough to love it’

Avery Filipowicz, Reporter

Every single day, the ladies serving the food at school clock into the school, some at 5:30 a.m., in order to cook and serve breakfast food for the student body. Their school days are as long as students’ or more, keeping nine hour days to continue distributing  food. Any student who stays after school for athletics, study sessions, theater or any other reason is able to get a free meal.  

The lunch ladies do so “all with a smile on our faces!” cafeteria staff member Jen Robertson exclaims

There are pre-established amounts of food made every day to ensure  easier delivery . Approximately 1500 students receive food during the school day, including 580 for breakfast and 100 for after school. 

And  the popular “Thanksgiving Dinner” lunch rallies more students eating food served in the cafeteria. Nearly 75 gallons of noodles and turkey were prepared for the 2019 installment of the famous  lunch. 

However, it is hard to predict how much food will actually be consumed. The share tables are available to put any uneaten food aside instead of wasting it. Head of the cafeteria team, Kathleen Leck, advocates for these share tables, as all food left at the end of the day is donated to food pantries. 

The PMHS kitchen is the smallest across the township while also  making the most food. 

Even through these difficulties, the staff completes  all duties and pulls together. 

“We’re all here for each other and care for one another through it all,” cafeteria staff member Dodie Tester says.