Holloway on a new journey

Spanish teacher Laura Holloway has had an eventful school year, being awarded the AATP Teacher of the year to being presented with a new job opportunity with Kiwanis International, which partners with Key Club. 

“I’ve been sponsoring Key Club for awhile, and I really enjoy it,” Holloway says. “I’ve been wanting to try using other skills other than the classroom teaching scenario that I’ve been doing for several years now.”

She hopes her new job will give her other professional experience, providing the opportunity  to use her passion for community service. Through that, she wants to engage young people in the community, helping them learn through service.

“I’ll be working with the board of students and helping them a lot of what I’m doing with key club right now but on a bigger level,” Holloway says. 

Although it is a great opportunity for her, it was difficult to make and, according to Holloway,  “it’s the worst timing probably possible.”

But with this new job, she hopes to have more of a work-life balance with no papers to grade, lessons to plan. 

“I’ll hopefully will have lunches available to me again and weekends,” Holloway jokes. 

Holloway will be traveling extensively since her new position is international. This will allow her to use her experience from her degree in education and from being bilingual.

“It seemed to be the best fit for a transition from teaching to other careers,” Holloway says. 

Former PMHS student who has just graduated with a degree in Spanish will take care of her classes for the rest of Dec., while the second semester will be taught by Master Teacher, Brenna Macias.