Songs of the season: preparation through student eyes

On Dec. 4 and 5,  the music department hosted its Songs of the Season: Winter Bells Program, bringing together each section from the jazz band, choir, and orchestra. 

Although each student is part of his or her own group, they came together through unity and the spirit of the holiday season. Within each group are students who have been part of the winter Concert for more than two years.

The jazz band practiced for over a month and performed more music material throughout the performance than last year. 

Sophomore Nathan Chambers is a trombone player in wind ensemble, symphonic band and jazz band. 

“I had three solos in the jazz band, but I’m no different from any of the other musicians,” he said. “I tried to make the program as seamless as possible going from each performance to the next.”

This was his second year as a member of the music department and felt more confident because he gained more experience on how the concert was organized and the music material.

“Songs of the Season showed all the hard work each group contributed, even though we didn’t see each other for long periods of time,” Chambers stated. 

Even though the music department unites on occasion, it’s impressive the unity there is between all parts of the departments.  

“When we come together, we can make some really good music, even though we don’t perform every day.”

In preparation for Songs of the Season, the choir group began rehearsing in October and rehearsed for two to three hours two days before the concert. 

Senior Marissa Maxey has been a part of the choir program since her freshman year and finds the concert allows everyone in the music department to display their hard work.. 

“I believe that we spread the Christmas spirit through the energy of our singing of holiday classics and through entertaining dances,” she said.

The orchestra prepared for a month for its performance, and for senior and four-year viola player Alexis Ellis, the holiday concert is one of her favorite moments. 

“Songs of the Seasons was such a cool experience, and I love bringing the whole department together and hearing the sounds we are capable of making together, she said.

“The concert, depending on the music selected, sets the tone for the program, as some of the music brings nostalgia and others a whole new experience.”