Holiday celebrations excite

Lucas Ferdinand-McDonald, Page Editor

The holiday season has arrived, and with it, Thanksgiving pitch-ins and Christmas gift-giving has entered into the halls of PMHS. 

Getting a break from a classroom routine allows students to feel more relaxed entering the stress of the end of the semester. 

Many classes and clubs, such as Perry Promos, Yearbook, and Creative Writing Club have these events in order to get the students in the class closer to each other. 

For junior Alyssa Seddon, she is participating in one white elephant and one secret santa, as well as helping her classes get into the christmas spirit. 

Seddon, a member of Perry Promos, explains that a holiday event is not simply a way to get out of class, but states that “it helps connect each other with new people.” 

Seddon continues, “I can learn more about new people through their hobbies.”

This year, the season of giving has taken over the classrooms of PMHS more than ever before, and it has allowed students friendships to grow and classes to get closer to each other.