February’s Saving Grace


It’s that weird time of year again. That post-Christmas, post new years, probably pre your birthday, it’s too cold to go out and enjoy anything, January is crawling by, time of year. The giddiness of the holidays subsides and seasonal depression sets back in. 

But there is one saving grace. It’s time to look deep within yourself and start looking forward to Feb. 14, because it’s the only happening until spring break rolls around. 

Since we’re not in elementary school anymore, and we don’t get to decorate paper bags and put cardstock valentines in each classmate’s “mailbox”, Valentine’s day picks up a new connotation as you mature. 

The association of the romantic aspect of the holiday turns bitter, lonely people away from it. But, Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples. It welcomes the bitter and lonely as well. At 

the end of the day, single or not, you can still buy that discounted chocolate on Feb. 15

 But maybe you really are not bitter. Maybe you are not lonely, and you have a partner to celebrate with. Maybe the holiday just seems ingenuine to you. The phrase “hallmark holiday” is one associated with Valentine’s day far too often. “A day to celebrate the love you have for your partner? That’s stupid, you should celebrate your partner every day. It’s just an excuse for big businesses to cash in.” And you’re right. But if that’s why you don’t believe in Valentine’s day you might want to apply that logic to every other holiday, and just be hateful and sad year round. 

Annually, mother’s day brings in more money than Valentine’s day. So I hope you’re not buying your mom flowers, or making her a card. Since, you should be celebrating your mom every day. She does a lot for you, the one little day is just an excuse for Hallmark and local flower shops to take money out of your pockets. 

Inherently, there’s nothing wrong with being conscious of the way corporations take advantage of the holidays. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to realize they take advantage of you everyday. If you don’t like the idea of companies putting out products for you to buy just for the sake of buying, the problem is greater than Valentine’s day. 

So what’s your excuse now? Maybe you’re spending it alone. So what? But what about capitalism? The economy, inflation, buzzword buzzword. But you don’t keep that energy the rest of the year. So stop pretending you care. 

Tis’ the season, so go buy a heart shaped box of chocolates, turn on a romcom and start looking forward to the 14. Because in reality, the holiday isn’t as bad as everyone wants it to be.