The Colors of Choir


S.R.O rehearsing their set for cabaret.

The PMHS choir department is hosting the biggest show of the year, cabaret, Friday and Saturday. It is a show full of singing, dancing and excitement. This year’s theme is “the colors of life.” The show features songs by The Beatles all the way to Taylor Swift. Perry’s show choirs are putting on a performance that is sure to entertain everyone who attends. 

Performing the first set of songs is Then & Now. While preparing for cabaret, Then & Now also competed in Indiana State School Music Association Vocal Jazz Choir. They walked away with a gold and are competing at the state competition March 17. “I think I’ll miss just having everyone on stage and the whole rehearsal process,” said Senior Lizzie Miller, soprano section leader of Then & Now.

Standing Room Only, or S.R.O., will hit the stage second after recently winning gold at Indiana State School Music Association Show Choir Contest. Senior Sophia Peterson is the current alto section leader of S.R.O. and is performing in her final cabaret. “My favorite thing about cabaret is being able to perform one big cohesive show for the audience,” Peterson said. “Choir is essentially my life in high school and I love the friends and memories I was able to create during this time.” 

Between each set, there are seven minute intermissions where the audience has a chance to vote for their favorite section. The winning section performs a song from another choir’s set of songs on the spot, which starts the last part of the show.  “Last year when the audience voted, the guys did our pitch perfect number, and Josh [Hoover] and Dagan [Knight] did the dirty dancing lift,” Miller said. “All the girls in the wings thought [Knight] was going to drop [Hoover].” The third set of the show is a combined set with Then & Now, S.R.O., additional choir students and teacher volunteers. The show will close with a final song that includes every choir student involved in the performances. Cabaret is not only an amazing performance, but it is also a celebration of what the choir students have achieved throughout the year.