Outer Banks Season 3 Review


People new to the show should expect watching a group of friends living on an island divided by money and class searching for treasure that they believe will solve their problems and allow them to finally have the upper hand on their uncontrollable lives. They come from different backgrounds, but they have similar spirits full of adventure and a knack for getting into trouble.   Friends who above all else fight for each other despite all the obstacles. 

 Season three of “Outer Banks” was full of the usual treasure-hunting,  Pogue Kook rivalry and family drama. However, this season was disappointing compared to its previous seasons.  There was something lacking from the mystery,  intrigue and character development. 

The treasure hunt itself seemed easier and didn’t utilize all of the main characters  the way previous seasons had.  Familiar characters made the same mistakes over and over learning nothing from the past while others were driven over the edge. The show covered a lot over its short ten episode span with a new treasure within sight, new and old tensions coming to the surface and unlikely allies.

This season the main characters are fighting for survival on a deserted island they named “Poguelandia”.  After escaping the island, they find themselves thrown into another search for a treasure hidden to all. They come face to face against a new and powerful enemy racing to find this treasure, El Dorado.  Although it isn’t until they return home to the Outer Banks that they discover the secret to reach the lost city. The season takes time to identify and grow relationships between characters. It also highlights the past triumphs and failures of the Pogues. This poses the question, “Will they finally be able to keep the treasure they worked so hard to find or will it be ripped from under them yet again?”