Sitting Down With @BARSTOOLPMHS



As Perry students try to get back on track after a long couple years of remote-learning, many students joined in on a recent trend of making various trendy school accounts to highlight memorable moments around Perry Meridian. From @perrybadparking to @pmhsslumber, another account that has recently been gaining attention is @barstoolpmhs. 

“I saw a lot of colleges do it so I thought, why not high school?” senior Ryan Ketchem and creator of the page said. 

Ever since it started, the page has influenced many students to start going to Perry games because many of the students also rely on the page now to get updates on current sporting events. 

“Most students don’t really check their emails daily but they’re for sure always on social media,” junior Cayden Nolan said. “They get to see the hype and the themes that really just makes them want to get up and go.” 

Besides the immediate information the page provides, the Perry barstool page is known for its trendy themes and meme-like posts that create a sense of unity and comfort among Perry students. 

“Ketchem creates all these creative themes like frat boys, white-out, and opposite gender day that are trendy around the kids here,” Nolan said. 

Although the barstool page isn’t affiliated with the school, Ketchem states that the page is here to include all sports throughout Perry Meridian and give as much recognition and hype to all athletes.

¨We just want Perry Meridian to be one of the best student sections in the county,” Nolan said. 

Although the account just started last February, it certainly is waving a path for the involvement of Perry students in the future.