La Charrería Taco House


La Charrería Taco House is a local Mexican restaurant. While many people drive past it every day most people don’t know the story behind it. 

This is the second restaurant location that the Aguilar/Dominguez family has opened. Gael Aguilar attends Southport High School and has worked in the family business his whole life. “At five-years-old, I would sweep and mop the floors at closing for a gumball,” he said. La Charrería is run by Gael, his parents, his uncle Gerado Dominguez, and the cook. 

Of course they serve the favorites like tacos con chorizo, al pastor and nachos con pollo, but they also serve other traditional foods filled with Mexican culture many are not as familiar with. Gorditas are dough stuffed with cheese, meat, or whatever your heart desires, and huaraches, dough topped with pinto beans, salsa and vegetables are house favorites. “I feel like if [customers] knew about [the different foods]- they try it, some don’t like it but at least they tried it.” Gael said. 

Nosotros no usamos comida congelada porque tratamos de ser auténticos,” All of their foods are made by hand and from scratch. The salsas, gorditas, tacos, quesadillas, and huaraches are all started and finished in their own kitchen. “Muchos restaurantes que son una cadena como El Rodeo no tienen tiempo de hacer frescos.” said Dominguez. They pride themselves on being able to keep their food pure and from the heart. 

La masa es un producto hecho de casa,” said Dominguez. In most of their recipes they use masa flour, which they then make into dough. These doughs are the one bases for authentic Mexican dishes. 

Exposure to different foods comes with stories. 

El arroz y frijoles [tiene la significa más grande para él] es como el básico… es algo de los ancestros.” said Dominguez, “Son los platos muy típicos de México,”. Rice and beans are commonly served on the side with Mexican food. For Dominguez though, these foods held the meaning of his ancestry. 

The Aguilar-Dominguez family is currently in the process of opening a store called La Despensa Mexicana as well. The culture of Mexico runs not just in them but they make it their profession to share it with others. 

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Disclaimer: Due to the fact that a certified translator was used, we cannot provide direct translations for quotes.