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Falcons in the workforce – C9


Perry Township has partnered with Central Nine Career Center, C9, allowing students to learn and practice in hands-on fieldwork, from nursing to criminal justice. This year seniors have been able to accomplish many things within their desired fields through C9. 

 Starting junior year, students get the opportunity to take classes related to the field of work they want to enter. They learn how to use tools associated with the job, manage responsibilities effectively and stay safe in the workplace, as well as working internships and getting to work in an actual workplace. 

Senior Katelyn Harvey is taking classes about Criminal Justice. “I get a certification in dispatch and I have learned a lot of other stuff that will help me in my field,” Harvey said.

Harvey has not only worked to earn her certification, but has learned the basic skills needed to work in any career field effectively. “It has taught me a lot about teamwork and communication with other people,” Harvey said.

 Wanting to go into the construction industry, senior Andrew Parks has learned about the safety of working with and around the tools needed for construction. 

“There are a lot of safety standpoints with protocol, tool safety and making sure we have the right PPE, which is our protective eyewear, hard hats,” said Parks. 

Construction is one of those jobs you have to get your hands dirty in, which is what makes C9 so unique. Parks gets to start learning the trade before he graduates.

“It just prepares you for anything that’s coming at you,” Parks said. “It prepares you for things that being at a regular school wouldn’t allow you to have access to. It gives you so many more options.” 

C9 is all about getting a student ready for the future. It is a way to propel their knowledge in a career field before they even get out there to work. 

Senior Johann Sorensen is at C9 for automotive technology. He gets hands-on experience while attending C9.

“It has helped me work on brakes, suspensions and manual transmissions [and] engines,” Sorensen said. 

Not only that, he gets to learn through working on cars in a workshop, to acquire his skills. 

“It has helped prepare me for what it’s like working in a shop because I work in a shop at C9. It lets you just know if that field will be good for you to work in the future.” 

C9 offers unique experiences for Harvey, Parks and Johann. If any sophomore wants to sign up for C9, make sure to reach out to your councilors for more information. 

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