Mapes Finds Time for Family

Jordan Robbins, Reporter

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While colleagues report that Patrick Mapes is hardworking and dedicated to this district, the superintendent emphasized that Perry Township schools aren’t his primary priority.

“Family is always first.”

Mapes grew up in Modoc, about 25 miles from Muncie where his father was a factory worker for Chevrolet, his mom  a homemaker and school cafeteria worker.

“They were hard-working individuals. They encouraged me and my brothers and supported us. We participated in 4-H, athletics, church, and helped our neighbors with their farms. It was also a family endeavor to farm over 2,000 acres and care for over 200 animals at any given time,” Mapes said.  

Now living in Perry Township, Mapes still finds the time every two weeks to visit his 76-year-old mother, still living in tiny Modoc, with just under 200 residents in Randolph County.

“We never quit loving our parents or caring about our family. It’s better to see for myself, rather than just hear her voice on the phone telling me she’s OK,” Mapes said.  

The superintendent, who is divorced, is more matter-of-fact while talking about himself, but beams with pride while praising his two daughters, one a recent graduate from IUPUI with a sports administration degree and a business minor, the other an 8th grader at Westfield Middle School.

“They know how to handle adversity and understand the value of giving back. As a parent you want your children to become independent, and I can see that happen with my daughters.”

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Mapes Finds Time for Family