Q & A with Andre Carson

Krissy Brzycki, Page Editor

November 25, 2019

The FOCUS had the chance to ask Representative André Carson some questions that have particular relevance to the student body.    Our student population is 60% white, 20% Asian, over 10% Hispanic and 6% black. What is your messa...

Academic Team starts season strong

Daniel Billheimer, Reporter

November 22, 2019

The Academic Team is feeling optimistic about its season and is ready to tackle all of their matches. Last year, the Academic Team was division champion and has started this season strong, defeating Southport in its second ...

Teachers rally for Red for Ed, school remains in session

Gabriel Beasley, Page Editor

November 22, 2019

Teachers across Indiana huddled outside the statehouse Tuesday to protest for improved school funding, increased teacher pay and changes to standardized testing.  The rally, championing the Red for Ed movement, came soon after ...

Renewed AAC takes on toy drive

Alejandra Aguilar, Reporter

November 22, 2019

The African American Club is back this year after a period of searching for a new sponsor. During the break, African American students did not have a place where they could talk about issues and topics affecting their communit...

From the Renaissance period to punk-rock

Krissy Brzycki, Page Editor

November 22, 2019

Soft twinkle lights strung upon trees frame the stage, providing a stark contrast to the chain link fence that sits in the background, against a neon-lit graffiti wall telling its readers to “escape.” Theater arts teacher Ashlee DeGraaf hopes to...

Teens form a jury for their peers

Gabriel Beasley, Page Editor

November 22, 2019

A group of Perry seniors has been telling tales of their time spent in and out of court houses.   But they are not the ones being prosecuted. These students participate in a Reach for Youth sponsored program known as “Teen ...

The ladies behind the scoops: ‘caring enough to be a lunch lady, crazy enough to love it’

Avery Filipowicz, Reporter

November 22, 2019

Every single day, the ladies serving the food at school clock into the school, some at 5:30 a.m., in order to cook and serve breakfast food for the student body. Their school days are as long as students’ or more, keeping ni...

New assistant band director makes impact

Andrew Haggerty, Reporter

November 22, 2019

Early this fall, assistant band director Paula Hacker resigned to take a position at a different school.  Just this month, a replacement was found in Michael Richardson, and he’s already making a big impact on the program. ...

Town hall merges politics, student voices

Gabriel Beasley, Page Editor

November 20, 2019

U.S. Congressman André Carson, along with other local representatives, visited the fifth annual PMHS town hall meeting, speaking on a wide range of topics.  The town hall meeting, created and hosted by special education t...

Annual pushcart race loses a wheel

Daniel Billheimer, News Reporter

November 18, 2019

Even the most sacred traditions come to an end. This year, the beloved Homecoming “pushcart derby” was replaced with the “Little 400,” a tricycle race with four people on each team.  English teacher and Homecomin...

Inaccessibility hinders learning for handicapped students

Jaelyn Reynolds, Page Editor

November 18, 2019

Handicap students at Perry deal with restrictions due to things such as unreliable machinery and fellow peers. According to the township website, “Perry Township Schools is committed to ensuring equal access to programs, services ...

Hidden fumes in new carpet exacerbate student allergies

Avery Filipowicz, News Reporter

November 18, 2019

Coming back to school this year, students were expecting to be welcomed back with open arms. Instead, they were presented with allergies and sinus issues, allegedly caused by the new carpet.  The previous school carpet had been in the h...

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