Natalia Vences, FACTS and Lifestyle Reporter

September can be seen as the month where the leaves start to turn different colors and the weather starts to lower, but September is known as Suicide Awareness Month. 

Over the years, many students feel different emotions throughout the year, some of which might be anxiety, depression, or sadness, some of them can be caused by the amount of stress that is put onto them. Their mental health could get better for them as time goes by, but in some cases it could get worse. 

They start to feel as if nothing could get them out of this dark sinkhole that they have been buried in, which could lead to suicidal thoughts which is never a good thing.

As for the students at Perry, they have created this environment that understands what others may be going through since they are all in the same high school situation that deals with classes, teachers, other fellow peers,and many other factors that could affect their mental health. 

Some students could be at their lowest point in life and no one will notice but help could be called for. On the back of Perry student IDs there is the suicide hotline along with many other hotlines which could help students in so many different ways.