Last chance at glory for the class of 2019

Josh Reiter, Sports Writer

It is the final home game of the year: painted banners  announce the names of each senior on the team, a crowd in pink attire fills the stands, and one last game remains at Falcon Stadium. Tonight, it is Senior Night.
Senior Night for athletes means getting recognition from their peers and those around them while also looking back at the achievements they have been a part of during their tenure at PMHS. They have grown from being small underclassmen, watching the seniors from the sideline, to becoming the seniors awarded for their contributions.

“Senior night is special because you think of all the years in the sport, all of the extracurricular activities,” senior Jakob Opsahl says. “It helps you take a step back and look at things and see how much you’ve grown.”

Seniors set positive examples for underclassman through hard work and dedication. Not only are the student athletes acknowledged for their sports resume but they can also see the legacies that they have left behind.

“Every year we would have a class of guys that would move on from football and graduate,” Opsahl says. “Now it’s surreal for how fast the journey went from between freshman and senior year.”

Senior night is not only for the athletes. Staff, friends, and family of athletes all witness the special day.

The best memories are the ones that stick around forever for having such a extravagant experience. High school is full of memories, and watching fellow classmates put in work day after day is something meaningful.

“The final game of the year is such an event to witness because it holds all of the memories of the football games that you’ve watched through high school, senior Dawt Cin says. “My favorite football memory was this year’s Homecoming game. I couldn’t believe that we came back from so far on a such a special game.”

Though sports are only part of one’s high school career, it takes loads of dedication and commitment to stay with a sport up until one’s senior year.