Friday school offers an additional helping hand to students

As of this year, Perry Meridian has implemented a new form of tutoring to students who are looking for extra help in classes they are struggling in.

This program, formally named Friday School, allows students to catch up on missing work and provides  a chance to complete extra credit assignments to improve their grades.

Friday School runs after school until 4 p.m. in the IMC with the help of assistant principal. Zach Ervin, Sarah Brewer, Lucas Klipsch, and Lauren Buesking as well as other teachers and faculty members, such as Devin Sloan, a success coach.

While this program is free to all students, it is only mandatory for those failing several classes. Because students must stay until the end of the session, when their work is completed, they are required to read for the remainder of the time.

Although Friday School is a new tutoring opportunity, it does not replace Tuesday and Thursday tutoring sessions available to any student wanting extra help.

Friday School merely offers a stricter, more organized study session with teachers and student tutors willing to help out.

This program also gives students the chance to earn community service hours. Peer tutors and National Honor Society members take advantage of this.

Despite the many benefits that come with Friday School, Buesking notes that the biggest difficulty is “getting kids to show up” and “getting kids to be engaged.”

Cherie Straubinger supports this statement, emphasizing the fact that “everything can be improved on.”

However, the program has proven to help students earn better grades. Buesking says 24 freshmen students who attended one to four Friday School sessions have not needed to attend any others.

Buesking also mentions that “students know we’re paying attention. We’re here to support them.”

As the program continues to progress and thrive, assistant principals are encouraging students, who either need the extra help or are interested in becoming tutors, to attend a Friday School session.