Falcons light up the stadium

On Friday, August 23, the Falcons square off against Lawrence North at Falcon Stadium,

but this team has been hard at work since summer, putting  in long hours in the weight room and on the field to prepare  for the season.

 Head coach Matthew Henninger says he’s observed a higher level of work ethic in his players this year. While their training for physical strength is much more intensive, he says, their mental strength is also an important part of the program. 

“For us, success is coming as close to reaching our potential as possible on and off the field,” Henninger says. “We want to get better every day. On the field, we want to be playing our best football by the end of the season.”

A handful of players never come off the field, playing both sides of the ball. Seniors Aiden Warren, Reggie Mcdonald, Chris Wainscott, Nate Bowsher, and Chance Arboneaux  will all play key roles in the lineup this year.

While wins and losses show up on paper, the main goal for the program is to develop its players further each and every day.

The goal of the program is to win football games, but equally as important is to push its players to become better. The hard work and commitment that is demanded from the players not only shapes them to improve as players, but to improve as people. 

The value of this program impacts the players in a way that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and goes past the shallow measurement of wins and losses.