One minutes to None Minutes: FEST loses iconic part of production

Daniel Billheimer, Reporter

Falcon Expressions in Student Theater will take on a new format this year, as English teachers and FEST sponsors Stefanie Davis and Jacqui Sheehan made the decision to remove the one-minute plays. FEST is an annual theatrical tradition at Perry where students control every part of the production. Four, student-written, one-act shows are picked and then those shows are directed and acted out by other students. Usually, there is one-minute plays, but this year they have been removed.

“This year’s submissions were not strong enough to sustain,” Sheehan explains. “We didn’t just want to put the one-minutes in because people like the one-minutes.”

One-minutes are not gone forever, though. Sheehan claims they will train students how to write better one-minute plays for the future. 

According to Sheehan, despite the lack of one-minutes, there is no need to worry about the quality of this year’s FEST production.

“I know that there will be people who are bummed,” Sheehan states. “But do I think it will impact the quality of the show? No, because I would much rather have four strong shows and no one-minutes than shows that are only ok.”