Early senior night doesn’t affect boys’ soccer spirit

Krissy Brzycki, Page Editor

The boys soccer team kicked off their season on August 22 with a 7-0 victory over Decatur Central.  

The team also used the occasion for its senior night, which is typically held in late September. One of the biggest reasons the date was pushed up is the fact that coach Machy Magdalinos is preparing for a new addition to his family. He and his wife are adopting a baby,  due later this month. 

Instead of having to balance caring for a newborn and celebrating his team, Magdalinos wanted the opportunity to do both.

“We have 13 seniors, and obviously they have a special place in my heart,” he says. “So, selfishly, I moved up the day.”

Holding senior night earlier in the season is increasingly common. Team morale tends to be higher toward the beginning of the season, and the crowd is motivated  earlier on.

“If they like what they see, they have reason to come back,” Magdalinos says.

Senior Luciano Salemi enjoyed having his senior night early.

“It takes distractions out of the season and allows seniors to focus on developing and helping the team in every way possible,” Salemi says.

Since many seniors look forward to their special night all season, commemorating their hard work earlier on allows them to concentrate on their team objectives. 

The atmosphere also wasn’t affected by the early date. Salemi still felt the enthusiasm he feels at every other game.

“Everything was still the same, with my team, family and a great crowd while getting the dub,” Salemi says.