Savannah Grayson marches her way to drum major status

Senior Savannah Grayson has been apart of the marching band program for the past four years. She joined with having no experience in playing an instrument but some experience with reading music as she used to be in choir.

“I would get really frustrated if I couldn’t learn something right off the bat but that was the challenge,” says Grayson, “the challenge was to go home and practice and make sure I could get the hang of it.”  

From the beginning to now, she has grown out of her shell as she was once a quiet and shy person but has become more outgoing and caring towards others.

“I like to talk to other people and make sure they feel welcomed as I wanted to feel welcomed when I first joined,” says Grayson.   

Throughout these years, Grayson started out being in the front ensemble playing xylophone with her fellow band members. Last year she made her way into becoming section leader leading. This has led her to become one of the three drum majors for this season.

Drum majors are a critical part of the band as they are responsible for keeping time throughout the show. Becoming drum major comes with having leadership, responsibility, and having a positive attitude according to Grayson.

“Not only is it a lot of fun but it feels really good when we go to a competition and we get a high rating,” says Grayson, “we work really hard and the marching band is very overshadowed by a lot of sports.”

As November approaches, she gets ready to prepare for winter drumline with people who she considers her close friends that she loves. 

As Grayson’s tenure at Perry Meridian comes to a close, her legacy in the band department is sure to live on.