Choir bridges gap between high school and middle school

Krissy Brzycki, Page Editor

The choir department held a “side by side” workshop between its Then and Now choir and the middle school’s mixed and concert choirs on Sept. 10 in an attempt to grow interest in choir at the freshman level.

Choir director Melissa Walsh wanted the event to bring the two levels together.

“We wanted to do something that would help bridge that connection between middle school and high school choir,” she says.

Approximately 80 middle schoolers attended the new event. All students were divided into groups, with two or three high school students leading icebreaker games. 

Getting to know the younger students was a positive experience for senior Marissa Maxey.

“Playing the games made me realize how joyful and willing to work middle schoolers are,” Maxey says.

 After some vocal warmups, the choirs combined to learn a dance to “I Wanna Be Like You,” a song from Then and Now’s Cabaret setlist. 

Seniors Grace Nash and Chloe Rodgers taught the group choreography they would perform for an audience. Having students lead the lesson was an intentional choice.

“That experience is accurately reflective of how things work in the real choir classes,” Walsh says, referring to how a team of students creates and teaches dances in class.

The night culminated in a concert where all the choirs performed pieces for the audience, ending with the dance they had learned previously. 

Walsh plans to continue the successful event, as the prospects for the department look positive. Maxey shares Walsh’s optimism.

“The future of the choir program holds a great group of kids,” she says.