Online classes provide benefits despite faults

It is common for students at Perry to take an upcoming course online over the summer as opposed to the traditional way.

According to guidance director Bradley Miller, around 800 students choose to take an online course each year. 

Taking a class online provides decent benefits for those taking them.

I’ve taken 4 different courses in order to make room for classes I wouldn’t normally be able to take.

But even with this massive use of online classes, their effectiveness remains a source of skepticism.

Although the quality of education is, from my own experience, less than what students get in an actual classroom setting, I feel that students aren’t harmed when they choose to take courses online. 

According to Miller, the most common courses taken over the summer are Physical Education and Health and Wellness. 

These classes are definitely important, but I found that the type of information can be taught online just as effectively as in a  traditional classroom setting. 

Although online classes can be a less-than-ideal way of transmitting information to students, the good aspects of them outweigh the bad due to the small selection of classes commonly taken by students.