Lifeguards serve school for pay, develop crucial skills

Andrew Haggerty, News Reporter

The student lifeguarding program is a necessity for Perry Meridian High School, as state law requires that a lifeguard is on-duty at all times for any pool-related activities.

The Perry lifeguards watch over the swimmers in gym classes during the day, and even help to teach them how to swim. Without the contributions of these students, these activities wouldn’t be allowed to continue. 

The program is largely student-driven in that nobody is forced to work, but the students will always fill the schedule.

“Our program is important because it teaches our lifeguards important life skills for life-saving situations, as well as holding a good work ethic,” Physical Education Department Chair and lifeguard supervisor Jill Brunic says.

The lifeguards are paid 9 dollars per hour, however money often isn’t the main motivation for lifeguarding. 

“Both of my sisters lifeguarded so I kind of followed in their footsteps, but now I’ve made friends from it and have lots of fun teaching the kids, I’ve grown to love it,” junior Emmy Michael says.

The program also opens up options to lifeguard for school-sponsored sporting events at Perry Meridian High School or Perry Meridian Middle School, providing opportunities to work outside of school.

Overall, the lifeguarding program is a necessity to the school that not only benefits students in gym class, but also develops important skills for this group of students.