Renewed AAC takes on toy drive

Alejandra Aguilar , Reporter

The African American Club is back this year after a period of searching for a new sponsor. During the break, African American students did not have a place where they could talk about issues and topics affecting their community.

This year, P.E. and Health teacher Bryson Johnson, serves  as sponsor for the club, which meets  every Wednesday during Blu63 to plan initiatives 

The biggest focus right now is the Toy and Coat Drive, which provides donations to families in the community through donation centers, such as Wheeler Mission. Their goal is to collect 100 winter coats in all sizes.

“There are a lot of families in our township and throughout the city that come from low socioeconomic backgrounds,” Johnson says. “They might not have enough money to provide for Christmas and the cold weather.”

The club’s mission  is to spread awareness and empower African American students to give back to the community. 

“The more we can educate each other about our cultures and where we come from and our experiences, the closer we will be,” Johnson says.

Additional club activities include inviting guest speakers, connecting with African American businesses to share their stories, having field trip opportunities and hosting different cultural events and learning experiences.

Johnson hopes to empower students who join the club by helping them embrace who they are and not set limitations for themselves. Most importantly, he wants to empower members to give back and be a part of something that is bigger than themselves through service. 

“When we give, we receive a lot more,” he says. “That’s what I want them to realize not only through service with the club but throughout life.”