Girls basketball opens seasons with renewed focus

Sometimes, less is more.

 While only 18 players comprise this year’s girls basketball team, coaches and players remain optimistic about the changes they envision for the team’s culture. 

“We are putting more of an emphasis on conditioning and shooting,” junior varsity coach Benjamin Tatum says. “We want to be in better shape and be more consistent offensively.” 

So far, both varsity and JV have won three of their four games. With their hard work, dedication and practice they are hopeful to win more throughout the season. 

The smaller roster has forced players to put in more work than they have in past years.

“Usually by the fourth quarter we have trouble remembering that we are a team, and we have to remember to play through our tiredness,” senior Savanna Pipes says.

However, it is the encouragement and dedication from each other and the coaches that pushes them. 

In a way, the coaches try to make sure that the girls don’t give up and keep trying. 

“Personally I really enjoy coaching this group the team chemistry is great the girls support on another and depend on each other to give a great effort everyday, every game, “ coach Tatum says.  

Some players such as Junior varsity captains sophomore Allison Rastrelli and junior Riley Bradbury both bring this type of experience and commitment to the team which helps provide a positive impact.

“Personally I see the season going good because we always work hard in practice and we have slip ups but we are working to fix them and so far we have been doing pretty good,” Rastrelli says.