Motivational speakers inspire change

Daniel Billheimer, Reporter

Perry Meridian High School should have more motivational speakers come talk to the student body. When we were in middle school, we came over to the high school numerous times for motivational speakers, including MojoUp and Nick Vujicic. Most of us still remember these speakers because of their strong impressions. The phrase “Mojoup” instantly reminds us of that presentation.

I remember Nick Vujicic’s presentation vividly because of his powerful story. He showed us that he prevailed throughout the many struggles he faced in his life. Stories like his inspire our students to achieve their dreams and not let any obstacles prevent them from their goals.

Now, we get very few that are not during Blu63 and teacher specific. This creates an issue because many students use Blu63 for other opportunities and may not have the time to go see a speaker they want to see. In recent years, one of the only major guest speakers we have had was, the Evolution of Dance guy, Judson Laipply.

Motivational speakers provide benefits to a range of students. According to Clever thinking better living, a website dedicated to mental health, “they give speeches that inspire students to do things that they love and also push them towards their life goals. A positive comment is all that a student wants to hear so as to kick start the day and feel completely motivated.”

These benefits are too great to ignore. I think having a speaker every once in a while would really benefit Perry’s atmosphere and the student body as a whole, especially at this time, during this change of seasons. As the weather grows more and more dreary, a motivational speaker would give us the boost that we need in this last push to winter break.

Motivational speakers benefit students’ mind, soul, and work environment and pushes them to work hard and follow their dreams, something that we can all always relate to. We should invite more speakers to come and inspire our students.