Girls basketball defeats rival Cardinals


The girls basketball team defeated Southport 47-37 in their annual rival game on November 26, 2019.

The game began roughly for the Falcons, who were behind 23-16 at halftime.

Perry took a swift lead after halftime, though, scoring 18 points in the third quarter, overwhelming Southport’s three.

Junior Sally Mortensen and senior Savanna Pipes were valuable assets to the team, scoring 13 and 11 points, respectively, throughout the game.

“I enjoyed scoring often because it helped the team in the long run,” Pipes says . “The feeling of winning with them is so exhilarating.” 

This game marked the girls team’s 20th win against Southport in the last 10 years.

Adding to the night’s intensity, Perry alumnus Katie Douglas’ number was retired shortly after the game ended, bringing a larger crowd to the already packed game.

“It was for sure a super exciting night due to Katie Douglas being there and retiring her jersey,” Pipes says . “It really hyped us up to play in front of her.”