The Scoop on Homecoming

Jasmine Villegas, Lifestyle Staff Reporter

As the 50th anniversary of Perry Meridian High School approaches, many staff members plan to make this year the best homecoming season yet! Many students have also voiced their opinions about each decision made, while the homecoming staff tries their hardest to make it the best experience they can for everyone. 

“StuVo really puts input in,” Nikki Knight said, “but there’s no voting. I’ve done general surveys for my advisory also, like what would you prefer. Do you want it indoors or outdoors? Where would you like it?” 

The students were vocal about the homecoming dance being inside rather than outside, and the staff made it happen. They all collectively decided for the dance to be in the auxiliary gym, where students could dance their hearts away. There is a team of people who oversee all the homecoming events, including Knight and Brian Bulmer, who makes sure the decisions are at their very best. 

“We have a great team of people who are all hands on deck trying to help support both the dance, the parade and all of the pieces that make up homecoming,” Bulmer said. 

The theme this year for homecoming is gold because the 50th anniversary of Perry Meridian High School is coming up on Sept. 18. The dress-up themes that makeup that week are All That Glitters is Gold, Golden Oldies, Old Person Day, The Gold Standard and Go For Gold. Each day of the week ranges from school spirit to dressing like an old person! Many students are very excited about this year’s homecoming, and will definitely dress to impress. 

A lot of students are looking forward to the dance, but that isn’t the only thing that makes up homecoming. During the season, there is a homecoming football game, a hallway decorating day and powder puff! Students can show off their school spirit and share it with their peers by dressing up for HoCo week as well. There is also a homecoming parade which includes all the Perry Township schools, and all Perry Meridian clubs can be shown off around the nearby neighborhoods and streets.  

Dr. Bulmer said, “We’re hoping to get as many students involved in the parade as we can. We have several student organizations that are participating like athletics and clubs at every level.”

This year is all about school spirit, and there is a lot of enthusiasm that goes on during that week, and even during the month of September. It’s all around a very enjoyable high school experience. There will be no stopping the falcon spirit, and it will definitely be displayed throughout the halls of Perry Meridian High School!