The unsung heroes of the gridiron

It’s Friday night under the lights and the crowd is cheering on everyone except for the football managers such as junior Betsy Roman who rushes onto the field carrying water for the players to rehydrate. They are part of the reason everything runs smoothly. Players and coaches don’t have to worry about what they need because the managers handle tasks they are appointed to. Newcomers often face challenges during the season, trying to balance school and managing the team.
This year is Roman´s first year as a manager for the football team, but she is already enjoying the unique experience.
“I enjoy being able to learn more about football while being around a good group of people,” said Roman.
Roman was suggested to be a manager after being recommended by junior Lyndsay Mulcahy, who enjoyed the experience. She enjoys being able to get into the games for free and getting the free exercise from running around doing tasks for the team.
“It’s a nice experience because you get a whole new different perspective of the games the different atmosphere is just something you wouldn’t find on the bleachers,” said Roman.
To most people, Roman explains, there is an underappreciation to what the football managers do.
There are many misconceptions surrounding the work managers do. “Some cons are that we get called water girls when really we’re hard working women that will help the coaches and players with anything they need,” Roman says.
Junior Etini Inyang, a first year football manager, wanted to try something new and get involved in something different. She enjoys being on the sidelines on Friday nights.
“It’s so much fun being up close and personal with the game,” Inyang says.
Even though she enjoys this new experience and would love to do it again, the weather isn’t always the best.
Mulcahy has been a manager for wrestling since middle school and decided it would be nice to do something during the fall season.
Mulcahy has enjoyed the season being on the sidelines and cheering the team on. She also says that being a manager teaches you responsibility and that it allows you to grow bonds with different people.