Falcons fly through summer heat

When the bell rings to release students on the last day of school, many of them won’t be returning until the next school year. For others, they will be returning the next day.

In order to prepare for their fall season, athletes are required to return to the school during their summer break to condition with their team. 

Senior Christopher Wainscott has been coming to summer conditioning for football for over four years. A typical day for Wainscott during the summer includes waking up, coming to conditioning, going home and then head for work.

He sees the worth and positive aspects of it as he personally sees the difference between the players who come during summer to condition versus those who show up during the school year.

Being out on the field, Wainscott gives it his all.

“You have to try to out work everybody and be at a hundred every time,” says Wainscott.

Over the summer, junior Kevin Lian would come twice a day to condition for both football and wrestling. 

Lian sees the worth of coming and spending the summer trying to get better. 

“It shows the coaches how much you want it and it gives you an edge over everybody else,” says Lian.

Feeling motivated and having dedication is important when coming to conditioning

“You have to give it your all every single time,” says Lian. 

Sports come with dedication and sacrifices athletes are prepared to do from the start.