New policies promote change in Key Club

Key Club is starting out the year with new goals and new policies according to staff advisor Kim Peters. In the past, membership ranged from 150 to 200 students, but has now been capped to just 100.

This change in particular means big things for the club as they attempt to make the transition into a point system, which was brought upon due to lack of participation among applicants when the club had an open membership policy.

The 100 membership cap will allow us to only have members that want to participate year long and not just once at the beginning of the year. In the past years, we would lose people as winter came in and it was hard to try to keep the members engaged in the club,” says Vice President Nun Za Lian. 

However, even with the cap, students are still able to join in the case of other members not being able to stay in the club.

“The spots filled up pretty quickly, we had over 100 by the third week. Anyone that turned in a form after spots filled will be on a waitlist and they’ll be able to join later on in the year,” says Lian. 

They also had to implement a house system in order to help with difficulty managing a club with so many people last year, and continued to work on the system for the coming year. 

“I am excited to grow our club more into a family. One of the main reasons we have a house system is to know the members of the club more personally. We started this last year, but I hope that this year we are able to do a better job by getting past a first name basis with our members. With over 10 members, this can get a little hard, which is why we are making this more of a priority this year,” says Vice President Arnima Singh.