Menu changes positively affects Falcons’ diets

As students adjust to the many changes made over the summer, the new school lunches has been a conversation among the students. 

One change noted widely by students is that chicken tender wraps are no longer being served on Tuesdays with its usual soft tacos as the soft taco has been switched out with chicken tacos and are now served on Mondays.

Along with that, an old favorite for students back in elementary school was “brunch for lunch” that they now are able to eat a similar dish on Fridays.

Cafeteria employee Dodie Tester enjoys the new changes that were made over the summer. The new menu is more oven-friendly than it used to be, making Wednesday’s fries the only items needing a fryer. 

“I think it’s healthier and overall more easier to work with,” Tester says. 

According to Tester, many meals that have been offered to the students have been served for several years, prompting change from the township’s central office to come up with newer, fresher ideas. 

Tester mentioned how even with the changes, the managers in the cafetiera are able to help in the process. Taste testing is one of the few ways they are able to try the new foods and seeing if its an option the students will go for. 

Junior Saul Cruz has been enjoying the new school lunches as he now has different options to choose from.

One of the new options Cruz enjoys is served on Thursdays being the mashed potatoes, chicken, corn, and gravy. 

He is excited to see the new options the cafeteria will bring and offer students within the next few years.