Rising temperatures exhaust PMHS athletes

The hot days of August could have PMHS players facing heats of over eighty degrees for hours every day of practice, and they have had to face the consequences that come along with the weather.

The heat has been forced many PMHS students participating in athletics and other outside events over the summer to focus more on hydration and rest to stay healthy.

Senior football player Ridge Cavellero claims the heat can be defeating every day at practice.   

“I feel quiet and more tired,” Cavallero says.

Some practices required players to spend less time running and more time resting. 

Drained players with less, more challenging practice time may seem like a detriment to many different teams, but members still know how to keep themselves to a high standard. 

As players face the daily battle of human versus weather, they must find ways to stay healthy as practices get canceled rarely, if ever. 

“I know to stay hydrated, especially when it’s extra hot outside,” Cavallero explains. 

If Cavellero and other players fail to hydrate, heat exhaustion could cause symptoms such as nausea and muscle weakness. In extreme cases, it can cause heat stroke, a potentially fatal occurrence.

These threats do not stop the teams from striving for success every day. Football players, band members, tennis players, and other students are determined to not let weather destroy their chances at success.

Ultimately, heat exhaustion is a threat not to be taken lightly, byt PMHS students are handling it with ease and grace.