Longtime English teacher leaves for admin position

On Friday, September 20th, English teacher Neil Linville, said farewell to Perry Meridian High School to become an assistant principal at Knightstown High School. Linville had spent his entire 18-year career at PMHS.

In the classroom

On his way to becoming a teacher, Linville was a student teacher for Richard Swengel.

 “He was a really effective teacher from the beginning he had real life experiences,” Swengel states. “He tried other jobs; he had responsibilities in college that other teachers didn’t have. That’s something that made him a good teacher.” 

As PEA President

The Perry Education Association (PEA) is a local teacher association union with over 600 teachers in the district. He became president of the association for six years.

“I think that I was able to instill a process for future leaders,” Linville says. “Groom others to get involved as a building representative and that was one of my biggest successes.” 

English teacher, Jessica Hunter, knew him for many years and recognizes his impact.

“I am one hundred percent happy for him but it’s a huge loss for Perry Township. He has given so much to teachers within the district, given much to his students within the classroom, and even more recently to football players on the field,” Hunter says. “I am not really sure people realize the impact he had on PMHS, Perry Township, and the English department. He’s been an advocate for teachers and students.”

The next stage

Linville’s journey as an assistant principal began five years ago when he began a master’s program. 

“I am excited about my job because the school only has about 350 kids,” Linville says. “I will get to know all the kids and have a close connection with all of them.”

Math teacher Christopher Allen is a close friend as well as colleague.

“Mr. Linville was a professional and saw the big picture in things,” Allen says. “It’s a loss for Perry Township. He had a lot of strengths in terms of leadership, and unfortunately another school district is going to take advantage of those strengths. I think he’s going to be missed. Knights Town is going to be blessed witnessing the outstanding person he is.”